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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TVRC?! What's that?!

Okay, hello there. What's TVRC? Hmm, oh it actually stand for Tambunan Village Resort Centre. Well, I went there with my aunt Paulin and my two lil' brothers. It's a suitable place to find serenity.
I'll like to share the picturesque view with you and so, what are you waiting for? Come on!

Well, first you've to cross the bridge first. Don't worry, 'Mr. crocs' aren't here.

Now, here we go! It's quite windy here! Please mind your hats/caps ~hee

The first picture that I took as soon as I arrive on the other side.

 A pathway to the lake + river..

The lake + river ! It's so calming to watch these magnificent scene.

 Another bridge! Actually, there's a lot bridges here!

Look at the skies. So bright yet so soft, I'm in love with the color of the skies.

Look at those trees! The lush greenery scenery are so beautiful.

Okay, this is the chalet. It's a 'Minangkabau' style chalet.

That's only from me for now. Quiet busy lately. Miss Hema and Wawa so much!
Love from Tambunan.  

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